V-Connect Refund Policy and Provisioning/ De-provisioning Process

V-Connect only charges you for the services consumed. The billing and refund policy terms are based on if the services are provisioned via the self-service portal, if the services are provisioned manually, or if it is software deployed on the compute nodes.

Services Provisioned Via Self-Service Portal

The cloud services consumed via have post-paid billing that is done at the beginning of next month. If you find any discrepancy in the automatically generated invoice, we offer a manual credit note for the same.

Services Provisioned Manually

Manual “provisiong”/ “de-provisioning” of services is done as per following process:

1. On your request for fresh/ additional service(s), our Provisioning Team, “provisions” the requested service(s) and sends you a “provisioning mail” to that effect, CC’d to our Accounts Team. Your billing for that/ those service(s) commences from that date.

2. On your request for deleting/ removing any service(s) by emailing, our Provisioning Team, “de-provisions” that/ those service(s) and sends you a “de-provisioning mail” to that effect, as well as to the Accounts Team. We will cease billing for that/ those service(s) from the effective date of mail.

PLEASE NOTE: The de-provisioning requests can not be clubbed together with other requests or conditions that can delay the de-provisioning date.

In case we have missed any de-provisioning email and finance team has billed you for the de-provisioned services, we are happy to immediately rectify the error by issuing credit note/amended invoice. For this we would request you to please forward us at the appropriate email received from detailing the de-provisioning.

In case a de-provisioning email has NOT been received by you, we would request you to email , informing them of your previously sent a de-provisioning request which was NOT processed.

If you have NOT sent a de-provisioning request to you should send it as soon as possible, so they can proceed to issue a de-provisioning email for you and the V-Connect Accounts team. De-provisioning would be effective from the day you send a de-provisioning request.

Finance team will be able to amend invoices/issue credit notes only as per the above mentioned process.


1. The billing period for services includes the day of provisioning and the day of de-provisioning and all the days in between these two dates. Virtual Compute Nodes are billed in advance as per monthly billing cycle (unless you specifically requested for a longer billing cycle).

2. If you request for de-provisioning any manually provisioned service before the end of its billing cycle, the remaining amount charged in advance is refunded in full minus any payment gateway transaction charges. Alternatively, if you continue to have other services that are still in the provisioned state, the remaining amount is adjusted in the next billing cycle.

3. On provisioning or de-provisioning services on your request, an email is sent to your listed billing and technical contacts in our records with an estimate number (unless it is an official website listed SKU or you have pricing books shared with you) available in your Zoho invoice portal.

Software Deployed on Compute Nodes

This service is billed for the entire calendar month and is not eligible for refunds.

Requesting Refund

You can email our Finance Team at with the details of services invoiced beyond provisioning date. After issuing appropriate credit notes or credit line items in invoice for services billed beyond de-provisioning dates, the Finance Team issues refunds via Cheque/NEFT/payment gateway/ or adjustments in next invoice. Note that the transaction fees charged by payment gateways is not refunded.