Web Hosting Automation

V-Connect Systems & Services Pvt. Ltd. provide complete automation setup & configuration for web hosting companies using Hsphere, a web hosting automation system of the new generation. This robust, secure, and cost effective product is rapidly developing and is heavily supported by qualified system administrators. It possesses the best qualities that will raise your hosting to the highest level of performance:

Complete Automation
Automated customer signup
Automated domain registration
Installation Wizard
Credit card processing
E-mail customer and admin notifications
Fully automated account provisioning

Billing Solution
Variety of payment methods
Setup, recurrent, and overlimit pricing
Tax exemption
Email invoicing
Billing history
Suspending debtors
Discounts for different billing periods
Promotions for plans
Credit limit changeable on user-by-user basis
Multiple billing profiles

Advanced Mail System
Multiple mail resources
Mail relays
Antivirus and antispam filtering
Per user/mailbox antispam and antivirus settings
Integrated WebMail (IMP or SqWebmail)

Merchant Gateways & Web Payment Providers
About 30 supported Merchant Gateways
Support for 6 real-time web payment systems
CVV Credit Card Verification
Custom web payment systems
Credit card encryption

Private label resellers
Full-featured admin control panel
Complete branding
Independent billing
Mark-up plans
Allocating physical servers to resellers

Private Server Solutions
Virtual private server
Reseller allocated servers

Hosting Solutions
Windows and Unix/Linux hosting ( SharePoint support )
Dedicated server hosting
MS Exchange hosting
Hosting on Shared and Dedicated IPs
Database hosting (MySQL, MS SQL, PostgreSQL, and ODBC)
RealMedia hosting
No domain hosting
Load Balancing of Web and Mail server clusters

Single Server Edition
Easy Deployment for Datacenters
H-Sphere Single Server Edition vs. H-Sphere

Flexibility at all levels
Cross-platform hosting
Scalability to any number of servers with no downtime
Completely brandable interface
Multilingual support
Flexible end user interface
Installable packages

User-friendly control panel
Centralized control
Intuitive plan wizards
Integrated support center
Multiple skins for users
Multiple accounts per one user
Ability to change account settings
User friendly invoice format
Multiple user tools (site builder, search engine submit, statistics analyzers, etc)
Integrated PHP/MySQL Applications

Key Functionalities
E-commerce support (Miva and osCommerce)
Integrated WebMail (IMP or SqWebMail)
Sub-domains with functionalities of regular domains
Shared FTP access (Virtual FTP and FTP sub-accounts)
Anonymous FTP
Error Document management
Shared SSL support
CGI scripts installed and removed from the control panel
Affiliate Programs